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Key Quotes From The Book
  • "Marketing makes the invisible, visible and the visible valuable."
  • "Goals = Focus."
  • "Marketing is about bringing value to the market."
  • "There are no such things as jobs."
  • "The shortest distance between you and a job is a problem."
  • "You can't give something that you don't have inside."

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It's Your turn to get ahead in life!
Learn marketing!!!!

What do successful people know that you don't? The answer is marketing and how to market effectively. It is not always the best person that gets hired for that position, and it is not always the best product that gets chosen. It is always the " best marketed" person/product. In today's economy you absolutely need to learn marketing to be successful at whatever you do. The only problem is that any top notch marketing consultant usually costs an arm and leg. But not anymore! For less than what it takes to fill your gas tank, you can learn the secrets of some of the world's greatest marketers, and how to market like a top notch marketer. In a few hours you will become one of them!

Are You Looking For A Job?
The Answer is marketing!

If you are looking for a job, you need to absolutely read Chapter 5 in Marketing for job hunters. I will show you how to get a job interview in less than 30 mins. You will see an actual letter that one of my students used on page 376 of the book. Letters like this are time tested and proven to work.

Become a Sales Superstar by learning marketing.

I will show you the 19 Characteristics of world class sales people. That my friend Joe Girard, the world's greatest sales person, says are absolutely on the mark! Master these, and I promise you, you will never have any competition and will become the superstar sales person that you deserve to become in your organization. Sales is a skill, that few take the time to master, but the highest paid people in the world are masters of sales.

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Marketing is King! is a book that I wrote for you! I know exactly where you are. If you have come to this site it tells me you are looking for some professional marketing help. And I know that I can help you. I have dozens of testimonials as you can see on the right hand side of this page; you can even read the book introduction on this site. I know I can help you, if you allow me to. Get your copy today. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Respectfully Yours,

Ali Pervez
Author, Marketing is King!

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"Like Federal Express changed the way the world does business, Marketing is King! will change the way the world views marketing. The job hunting chapter is brilliant and a must read for anyone looking for a job. "

Francis Maguire,
Founding Senior Executive
Federal Express
Former Senior Vice President of Marketing, Kentucky Fried Chicken

"Ali's 19 characteristics of top salespeople is bang on the mark! The book is also outstanding in terms of clarifying the relationship between sales and marketing. A must read for all professional sales folks! I love it. I'm sure you will too."

Joe Girard,
The World's Greatest Salesperson
Attested by The Guinness Book of World Records

"Marketing is King! is really a lesson to us all how marketing can be applied to improve our lives. Ali does a brilliant job of breaking it down into a simple language that we all can understand. I congratulate Ali on an outstanding piece of work."

Dr. Denis Waitley
Author, "Seeds of Greatness"

"This book is full of valuable nuggets that everyone can benefit from. Ali combines advice and inspiration in a unique manner. It's a great marketing reference guide to keep handy at all times."

Shafiq A. Khan,
Senior Vice President, eCommerce
Marriott International, Inc

"Of all the marketing books that I have read, I find Ali's approach refreshing, remarkably simple, and down to earth. It's a great book that shows how we can all benefit from marketing."

Howard Stephen Berg,
The World's Fastest Reader
Attested by the Guinness Book of World Records

"Ali's Enthusiasm and understanding of how marketing can drive favorable results, both personally and in a business environment, is a rare gift. His concepts can be applied in any number of real-world situations, which makes his book an outstanding contribution to the field of marketing."

William J. Biedenharn
MeadWestvaco- Packaging Systems, LLC

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