More Testimonials

"Ali has a sound and solid understanding of how to market and get results."

Mahmood Ismail
Coca Cola Bottling Company

"As a non-marketing professional I found Ali's book easy reading. He has a great talent to present marketing in a direct and approachable manner. I would highly recommend the book to job-hunters at any stage of their careers."

Professor C.J. Schofield
Department of Chemistry
University of Oxford, U.K.

"I used his system to find a job. It works! He taught me things that I did not learn at Oxford!"

Dr. B. Panda
Oxford Graduate, U.K.

"If there's one person I've met who understands how to market, it's Ali Pervez."

Shaw Sun
Harvard Graduate

"He certainly taught me a few things I have used to get results."

Linda Mc Allister M.D., Ph.D
Stanford Graduate

"Mr. Pervez has written a fabulous book on how to utilize marketing concepts in not only business, but life. A must read!"

Amy Hagelin
UCLA Graduate

"Ali's thought's on marketing changed, not only the way I went about my internship, but also the way I thought about my life. He taught me the importance of marketing, not just in business but in everyday situations, whether it was dealing with people or forming new relationships. He helped me make a complete paradigm shift in my mindset and made me a better person."

Steven Chiu
Graduate Student
The Keck Graduate Institute

"Ali is not only a very smart scientist, but also has an amazing capability to explain marketing to non-marketing people in very simple terms. This book is the first book on marketing that makes marketing simple, easy and relates to the real world. Yes, Marketing is King!"

Dr. Kin Kai Hwang
Distinguished Scientist
Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals

"After meeting some time with Ali, I am convinced that he has a deep and profound understanding of marketing. We have already started to apply his VP to VIP concept in our hotel, and it works wonders! This book will have a lasting and positive impact on whoever reads it. Yes, Marketing is King!"

Shuja Zaidi General Manager Mecca Hilton & Towers Mecca, Saudi Arabia

"Ali Pervez is a marketing genius. His incredible knowledge is matched only by his consistent application of these principles. Ali truly walks his talk. His insights and motivation have helped me land major clients. His writing is stellar, and I encourage everyone in business to read his book."

Eric Rudnick
Conceptual Leverage Consulting Group

"Do you think you can get an interview in 30 minutes? I didn't think it was possible until I met Ali Pervez. He taught me the power of a value proposition. Using his techniques, I not only got an interview in less than 30 minutes with a corporate executive, but also got the job I wanted (which allows me to spend time with my family, too). He is someone that you absolutely need to listen to if you are looking for a job."

Holly Hartz
Marketing Executive
San Francisco, California

"One of Ali's most famous quotes is "Marketing is the Key to Growth." I used to think it meant that marketing was the key to BUSINESS growth. But after working with Ali for over a year, I learned that marketing is the key to ANY kind of growth - whether personal, professional, or spiritual. This lesson has been a tremendous gift to me personally, and is, in fact, THE reason I am a marketing professional today."

Erik Burns
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
StarsGuide! Inc.

"The man is brilliant, what else can I say? I have had the privilege to work with him on a one-to-one basis over the last two years. His techniques have always generated POSITIVE results for me. I don't even use resumes anymore! Using his principles, I have gotten INCREDIBLE interviews and found my IDEAL job. Now I have people running around after ME with offers - what a great change! Listen to what he says. He knows how to get what you want, because he knows marketing!"

Ahmed Siddiqui
Games Programmer / Consultant
San Francisco, CA

"Ali's concept of making value propositions is disarmingly simple, but brilliance is always found in simplicity. His approach to marketing is so very simple and practical. I have used his techniques, and they work! He is the absolute best at what he does. I would highly recommend that anyone looking for a job or career change seek his advice."

Dr. Oliver Sauer
Technical Sales Executive
NonLinear Dynamics

"I have known Ali for many years, even before he wrote the book! He has always had a passion for helping people market effectively. I have been using his teachings and methods for the last fifteen years. They have always produced results for me. What makes him brilliant at what he does is the pure simplicity of what he teaches. If you listen to what he has to say, it will have a life changing impact. It certainly changed mine."

Atul Qureshi, Manager
British Civil Service

"Ali taught me the importance of treating sales as a "real profession." He told me that unless I invested in myself, no one would invest in me. I believe that he is a genuine person, and you should listen to what he has to say. I am already starting to see a change in my own sales effectiveness as a result of his teachings."

Bindu Amar
Account Executive
Acutrack, San Francisco, CA

"Ali is not only passionate about what he does, but his marketing principles focus on practical applications. I would highly recommend his book and teachings as part of any business effort."

SIMON SAYS Consulting
Denver, CO

"Ali really de-mystifies marketing. Ali has taught me so much about marketing during the course of working with him. It has helped me immensely. I love the positive energy and optimism of Ali Pervez."

Hari Tammana
Software Engineer
Affymetrix, Inc.

"Ali is very passionate about "marketing for life" and it certainly shows in this book. I adore the smart anecdotes he uses to convey his message! A must read for every age group and more so for young adults to be successful in this challenging global economic environment. In fact should be part of the college curriculum."

Venu Valmeekam Ph.D.
Product Applications Engineer
Affymetrix, Inc.


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